Travel.  I bloody love it.  Travel is what completely changed my life around and made me the kick ass woman I am today.

Travelling takes you crazy places

Travelling takes you crazy places

Without travel, I’d still be sitting in my clothes in the bathtub trying to avoid my boyfriend in the one bedroom flat we lived in. The bathtub wasn’t particularly fab or anything but it was the only place in the flat which had a lock on the door and I’m grateful for that.

When I actually left England in September 2012, with the clear intention of travelling, I was actually really really happy.  I was living in Brighton, had great housemates, a really cool green bike, endless Sunday roasts on tap and wore really cool clothes that my grandma would dig.  Something within me wasn’t quite shaking its tail feather though…


I was on a stupidly crowded train travelling from Nottingham.  The seat next to me became available, this girl snagged it and then she whipped out a research paper on something or other.  I was working in Psychology at the time, mental health particularly, so was all over that stuff.  We got talking and it turns out she had just got back from teaching English in India. We spoke for aaaaaaaaaaaages about this and by the time I had gotten off the train, I was home online, booking myself onto a TEFL course.

I did the course that weekend and met a guy there who told me he was off to Korea to teach and I should promptly follow. So I did.  Before you could say, ‘She’s goddamn crazy’ I was in Korea, teaching elementary school and having the best goddamn time of my life.

Nearly five years later and I’m still teaching and having the best goddamn time of my life.  Apart from some swift mini romances I had with Russia, Spain and the Czech Republic before really choosing to be a traveller, I’ve been to Korea / Japan / Thailand / Cambodia / Vietnam / Austria / Poland / Hungary and now I’m currently in Shanghai, China.  Cool huh?

What is teacaketravels?

  • Encouragement to say ‘Screw this – I’m off’ if you haven’t already
  • Lots of photos
  • Reviews
  • Guides
  • Reflections
  • Super travel tips

Why should I read teacaketravels?

I get it.  There are a gazillion travel blogs out there today BUT read mine because:

  1. I do a lot of solo travel
  2. I’m a lovely blonde English girl
  3. Solo travel and being a lovely blonde English girl = guts and rock and roll
  4. You’ll learn something new or see something really cool
  5. I’m clear, concise and to the point.  You and I both know that you have other stuff to do today apart from read teacaketravels.  Awesome people still have to do the washing up.  Boo.

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    • aliceteacake says:

      Thank you so much! I love your writing style: short, sweet and to the point just like my blog 😀 I love your travel apps article and your bucket list too 🙂 Have an awesome week and happy travelling! ❤


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