The secret sunset in El Nido Philippines

Sunsets should be for free but in El Nido, drivers will try and entice you to take a ride with them and see the ‘most beautiful’ sunset at a place called ‘Las Cabanas’. Trust me, you don’t need to go there.  Right around the corner is one the most soul fulfilling, emotionally charged, romantically sweet sunsets that you need in your life and I’m gonna tell you where it is and why it rocks.

1. There’s only one table

El nido sunset spot Corong Corong Beach

Lovebirds, you’re in luck!

2.  It has the cheapest beer in El Nido

El Nido Cheap Beach Beer

30 for a beer! Yes please!

3. No one else is there

El Nido Secret Sunset Corong Corong

It’s just you, your beer and your camera

4. The sunset is one of the best you’ll ever see

El nido sunset Corong Corong Beach

Two local fisherman heading out to grab some dinner

5. You can see all of the stars in the sky when you walk back home

Tell me the secret?

Head to Corong Corong Beach.  Keep walking past the fancy bars at the beginning of the stretch.  Keep walking until you see that lovely table waiting to be filled.  Hang with a couple of locals.  Enjoy.  

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